Hello, here i’m gone guide you on how to pay with Bitcoins using Credit/Debit Card via the link using CHANGELLY .

STEP 1: Click the link and proceed to browser —-->>> CHANGELLY

STEP 2: After clicking on the link above, You put in;

  1. The amount you want to pay for in the box where you see the $150 as shown on the image bellow
  2. Country Of Residence.
  3. Your State.

    and then click on Buy BTC Now.

STEP 3 : Once the next page comes up, you screw down and click on SIMPLEX mode as shown on the image bellow, then click Buy Now.

STEP 4: Once the next page comes up, you put in the Bitcoin Wallet Address provided to you below in the box as shown on the image below..

Bitcoin Wallet Address :


Copy and paste the bitcoin wallet address above, then click Go To Payment.

STEP 5: Once you’re on the next page, 

1. Fill in your Card Details and then click on Next >. Once the next page comes up,

2. Fill in your Billing Address and Personal Details, then click on PAY NOW.

LASTLY : Once all this is done, send a screenshot via our email ([email protected]) or phone number (+1 (530) 334-8152) that says; Payment Has Been Approved so we can confirm payment.